Andergrove and Beaconsfield are part of the traditional lands of the Yuwibara people.

Beaconsfield got its name from the sugar estate and crushing mill in that location from 1882 until 1893. It then grew in popularity when the Mackay Golf Club established a course in 1926.

Andergrove was named after the local state school, that was named by the school’s first Parents and Citizens committee.

Both areas transformed into the suburbs we see today resulting from residential subdivisions and numerous school openings in the 1980’s and 1990’s.


If current growth trends continue Andergrove-Beaconsfield will add an additional 1,795 residents by 2036, growth of 12.4%. Andergrove-Beaconsfield in 2036 is characterised by a mix of working families with children residing in stand-alone housing, with a higher concentration of empty nesters/retirees. Growth is driven by being a centrally located residential area within 7km of Mackay City Centre and employment opportunities.
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