East Mackay is part of the traditional lands of the Yuwibara people. East Mackay grew up around Queen Victoria Park (later renamed Queens Park) which was first opened in 1881.

In the 1960’s and 70’s as part of the East Mackay Reclamation Scheme, the park was extended and large tracts of swamp and dune land was reclaimed to build the majority of East Mackay’s streets into the suburb we know today.


Projected to be a continued preferred location for immigrants settling in Mackay region given the diverse housing options. On current housing trends anticipated to be an increase choice for higher density dwellings, while maintaining the option for stand-alone houses. Resident composition is anticipated to continue with a focus on working families with children, with a growing concentration of empty nesters/retirees underpinned by an ageing population. Growth is anticipated to be driven by coastal living in close proximity to the city centre and improvements in liveability supported by the Waterfront Priority Development Area.
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